This is a collection of recipes which have been posted to All the recipes except in the Meat and Fish sections are vegetarian.

Chocolate Frog (Tanaqui)
Liquid Nutella (not really, but sure tastes like it) (Brenda Daverin)
Chess cake (Drewcifer)
Chocolate Pudding (Lorax)
Chocolate spreads (notice any trends yet?) (Graydon/Kate Lingley)
Impossible coconut custard pie (Larry Kessler)
Lemon pudding cake (serene)
Peanut butter bombs of delightment (serene)
Peppermint cheesecake (Josh)
Raspberry shortcake bars for the munchkins (serene)
Sacher Torte (chocolate cake) (Vicky)
Truffles for those who dare (Karl Boggs/Ian Watters)
Liver with Beetroot (Iain Bowen)
Pepper stuffed Steak (Ken Paris)
Pico Chicken (Randy J Ray)
Applesauce Molasses Muffins (Piglet)
Chile Con Queso (ie Quorn) (Red & Fiery)
Fondues of various types (Stephen Mounsey/Sharon Curtis)
Habanero Salsa from Hell (Randy J Ray)
Hummous (Kevyn L. Aiken/Steve Hutchison)
Leopard Pie (Kay)
Peanut Dip (Red & Fiery)
Pesto pasta sauce (Cappy Harrison)
Tamarind Balls (Sim Aberson)
Tofu and how to make it nice (Piglet/Teal/Nicole Landau)
Vegan curry chickpea chile (Susan Davis)
Fish soup (Hugin)
Paella by popular demand (Arne Adolfsen)
Scallops with peppers (Brian Moffet)
Sweet potato, carrot, coriander and coconut soup (Kay)
Cream of broccoli and toasted almond soup (Kay)
Butternut squash, sweet potato and mushroom soup (serene)
Sharp tomato and pesto soup (Kay)
Basil/mushroom potato bread roll (OK, not actually a soup, but goes well) (Adam C. Wick)
Curried banana soup (Kay)

Recipe credits here do not indicate ownership of the recipe nor the sexual orientation of the person credited. Caution: where measurements are not in metric, they might be in american measures or they might be in British. Emply common sense, telepathy, dowsing or e-mail.

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