From: Kevyn L. Aiken and Steve Hutchison

Kevyn L. Aiken <> writes:

i have this fabulous recipe for hommos. interested? alright, kids, grab your pencils and papers and jot this down.

(if you don't image the rest of this in my absolute worst julia childs voice you really will be missing out on something...)

take two cans of chick peas (or garbanzo beans, they're the same thing) and (this is very important) drain all of the water, or bean juice (a pleasant thought) out. put that in your food processor or bowl (but julia always uses a food processor). to that, add 2 or 3 pressed cloves of garlic (or the powder equivilent), one tablespoon of sesame oil and one tablespoon of olive oil (virgin is best---and i don't want to hear any comments from the peanut gallery on that one). add the juice of two lemons. turn on your food processor and blend away! you can do this by hand, too. in fact, i'm sure some of you would really much rather do it by hand, but i digress...

you may have to add a little more oil (or even water, if you're watching your cholesterol and/or fat intake) to get the consistency desired. it should be a little thicker than soft margarine. salt and pepper to taste and...viola. you have just made a tasty treat that is a helluva lot tastier and better for you than a snickers bar. though most days, i choose the snickers bar, too. for best results, let it sit (in the fridge, moron!) overnight. that way, the flavor of the garlic really has a chance to sink in. then, put on some pita bread, flour tortilla (that's called multiculturalism..), or my personal favorite--on rye toast with a couple slices of a tomato(e--that's for you, dan. we miss ya...NOT!). (now imagine this one in the voice of the guy from the B-52's...) IT'S A TASTE SENSAAAATION!!!



Steve Hutchison <>writes:

Kevyn L. Aiken <34MZA5P@CMUVM.CSV.CMICH.EDU> writes:
[recipe for boring sanitized "healthy" hummus removed by arbiter of good taste, not your fault Kevyn, you just don't have the right cookbooks.]

One can of Garbanzo Beans (aka Chick Peas).
Drain and RESERVE the liquid.

One to three cloves of FRESH garlic, papery stuff removed.

Two tablespoons (up to 1/3 cup, to taste) Tahini. Yes, this is sesame seed paste and is very oily and bad for you if that sort of thing bugs you, oh well.

One lemon or equivalent juice.

Extra-virgin olive oil and paprika to garnish.

Take a common blender, food processor is NOT required. Put the garlic and one or two tablespoons of the liquid in the blender, and puree for a few seconds to get the garlic into suspension. Add the chick peas. Blend, pulsing, until coarsely ground. Add liquid if necessary. Once you have a coarse paste, add the tahini and the lemon juice and blend again until smooth. If it's thick like peanut butter add more liquid. You can't really subtract liquid very well so don't put in too much at a time. Once it's at about the texture of a thick pancake batter, pour it onto a plate. Warm in a microwave or in your oven if you don't have a microwave. Garnish with a teaspoon of extra-virgin olive oil (which will be suspiciously green colored) and sprinkle with paprika, possibly garnishing with cilantro or parsley.

The only proper way to eat this is to wipe it up with pita bread, which should also be warm.

If there's no tahini in it, the stuff just ain't hummus.

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