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From: Piglet <>

Butter, onion, flour, milk, mustard, green beans, tofu. Check! Ladle atop couscous. Yum.

From: Teal <>

My current fave tofu recipe (invented by me) is:

cut 1 pack of tofu into bitesize cubes; dip cubes into flour strongly spiced with your favourite spice combo (I use Masterfoods Moroccan Spice), dip in a beaten egg, dip in flour again; deepfry until the coating is golden and crunchy, and serve in a bowl in either miso soup or a dashi/mirin/soysauce combination.

Bigtime YUM!

From: Nicole Landau <>

Soy Sauce is the secret. You take the tofu and crumble it up in a bowl, then you add soy sauce and the spices you want to add (I made chili, so I added paprika, chili, ceyenne pepper, pepper, a bit of salt, a finely chopped onion...) and then you need to fry it in a hot pan, add all the other ingredients, like beans, corn,.. taste it, add what's missing and voila, vegetarian/vegan chili.

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