Liquid Nutella

From: Brenda Daverin <>

I went to my favorite bar the other night (Shout's in Redwood City, CA for the locals), and asked my favorite bartender (Stress) to make me a drink that involved Godiva liqueur. He came up with what I could only define as liquid Nutella. What's it made of? Glad you asked.

Take one (1) highball glass.
Fill with ice.
Pour Godiva liqueur in to the halfway point.
Add hazelnut liqueur until it reaches the three-quarter mark.
Add a splash of cola.
Add a splash of half-and-half.
Pour into mixing cup.
Pour back into highball glass.
Repeat once more to ensure the mix.

It was heavenly. You can adjust all to taste, of course. It doesn't look like Nutella, but it sure tastes like it!

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