The Seven(ish) Sagas of
Migglezimblatt the Wombat
and other stories

The Compleat Wombat

Once upon a time, there was a wombat called Migglezimblatt. This is his story...

The Amazing Tale of Migglezimblatt the Wombat
The tale of the Journey of the Wombat in an attempt to sell Bob some stuff on a dark moonlit night with security going round with guard dogs, zombies in the Graphics Lab and an nasty plague of telephone sanitisers drowning in the Guild loos.
The Return of the Wombat
Miggy goes inter-railing.
The Third Saga of Migglezimblatt the Wombat
Miggy on Mars
The Fourth Saga of Migglezimblatt the Wombat
At 8 chapters, the shortest saga, and most of them are about Miggy's brother Jimblewix anyway.
The Fifth Saga of Migglezimblatt and Jimblewix the Wombats
Miggy and Jimbles meet the Flapjack Monster
MZ6: The Sixth Saga of Migglezimblatt the Wombat
Will the heights of Miggy's career as a rock singer be cut short when he is sliced into sandwiches and the World Ends?
MZ7: The Seventh Saga of Migglezimblatt the Wombat and Others
In which Miggy returns to student life, finally gets to sell Bob some stuff, and discovers who has been controlling his life for all these sagas.

There is also a dramatis personae for the Compleat Wombat.

Also, under construction, MZ8

Other related stories

The Tale of Emilia the Duck-Billed Platypus
The tale of an intrepid journalist investigating the biggest Tippex scandal of the decade. Takes place concurrent with MZ6.
The Oigy Story
Where the trains run on semolina but rarely on time. Takes place before MZ7.
The Saga of Tuesday the Shunicorn
The story of the last of the Shunicorns. Takes place after MZ7.

Disclaimer: these are works of fiction, and any resemblances to people living, dead or undead is purely accidental. If faced with libel suits, the authors will happily deny under oath that they wrote any of it. The authors also wish to make it clear that they were not under the influence of any illegal drugs while writing these sagas, however unlikely that may seem. Copyright © 2006.

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