Strawberry Ferret The Good Intergalactic Battlecruiser Strawberry Ferret was originally a TARDIS which took on the shape of a ro-ro-ro ferry in the first Saga of Migglezimblatt the Wombat. It was later converted into a spaceship then after crashing into a planet became a plate of strawberry jelly. It is also able to appear as a sports car and a small plastic spoon.

The S*E*R*F* Board

So who are these serfer dudes? The picture below shows some of us on a day trip to Mars (possibly) some years ago when we all had a lot more hair. Look, a flying wombat!

Many years later, we may have less hair, except for Zep (who secretly has a wig), but some of us have mastered the art of leaning over at 30° to the vertical without falling over. I'm nothing to do with those guys

Like the wombats show below, some of us have gone forth and multiplied, while others have taken a variety of other routes, mostly in the fast and/or open-topped cars we can afford these days. (To illustrate the sheer diversity that is S*E*R*F*, of the six men below, one is married with no kids, one is married with a kid, one is unmarried with a kid, one is in a civil partnership, one is divorced and one is still engaged to be married after getting on for 15 years.) Dude, where's my wombat?

Favourite Positions

Every year (almost) starting in 1988 we have held an AGM and elected each other to positions of importance and responsibility (by Single Transferrable Wombat, or whatever electoral system occurs to us on the day). The current S*E*R*F* board is constituted as follows: