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Wombats are cute furry creatures from Australia. There are not nearly enough web pages about them, and this page seeks to help fill this obvious shortfall.

Wombats belong to the marsupial order of species from Australia. The other marsupials include the koala, kangaroo, wallaby, bandicoot, bilby, nabarlek, quokka, quoll, tasmanian devil, tasmanian tiger and ringtail possum. There is also one species of marsupial found in North America, the Opossum.

For information about the the three species of the wombat family and details of their lifestyle and life cycle, see the alt.animals.wombat Frequently Asked Questions list.

The northern hairy-nosed wombat is a severely endangered species and the other types are at risk too. Wombats are really much nicer creatures than koalas (too irritable when not drugged up on eucalyptus) and kangaroos (too stupid, and too tiring to watch). Why isn't anyone doing more to save the wombat?

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WOMBAT has also often been used as an acronym; in project management it means "Waste Of Money, Brains And Time". It has also been used to stand for the "Wavelength Oriented Microwave Background Analysis Team" at Berkeley and the "WOMen of Beauty And Temptation" mailing list.

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