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The website was entirely designed and coded by hand by me, Jon the "FAQ Wombat". I wrote all the HTML and CSS code by hand using documentation from Because all the pretty stuff is done in CSS, the HTML is very clean and is designed to work with any browser; I test it with Netscape, IE, Opera and Lynx.

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I wrote all the scripts which generate the articles list, articles, statistics, bios page etc in Unix shellscript and TCL. The rotating triangles Java applet was written by Steve Zara to my design. The copyright of all pages and programs on this website is reserved © 2000. Do not copy without permission.

Throughout the site, if your browser supports CSS (most do), unvisited links appear in this colour and visited links appear in this colour; no other text appears in these colours so you can always spot a hyperlink amongst other text. For graphical browsers, the following logo appears on all the pages not directly under the homepage (index), and when clicked on takes you straight back to the homepage.


The Magellan Internet Directory have been kind enough to award these pages four stars, their highest rating.

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Please do e-mail any comments/suggestions to me at

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