Until the Day I Die

Soulmates, friends and confidants, tethered by the heart.
The hand of fate conspires to keep us apart.
Awash in mental turmoil, anguish fills my soul.
Constant craving for you keeps me from being whole.
Images surround me of moments that we shared.
Gentle touches traded and wishes are compared.
Insatiable hopes that end up in my dreams.
Departing from reality, I'm bursting at the seams.
Everything that matters lies just within my touch.
On waking though I find it's only emptiness I clutch.
Nocturnal fears attack me, nights I've come to dread.
Insidious voices taunt my heart here within my head.
Let these fears be conquered, I pray to God at night.
Overwhelm my doubts and let this love I feel be right.
Volumes have been written with words straight from the heart.
Eons of time may pass but true love does not depart.
Yesterday is gone, there's nothing left to do.
Oblivious to all I make a vow to prove,
Until the day I die my heart belongs to you.

Kimball Bishop (
© 1994 Copyright reserved

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