She brings out the feminine strength within
My victim's heart,
Her voice caressing my ears
Gone too long without her vocolization,
Her fingers caressing ivory
Satisfying me but leaving me hungry for more
After she's done.
She makes me laugh and cry and desire and sing,
This little redhead who's songs
The world wants,
And I've got her in my pocket,
Carrying her with me everywhere
So i can hear her voice echoe through my ears at will
So I can get my fix of her.
I wish I could give to her but all I can do
Is turn her on and up, and let her give herself to me
I'm not selfish, it's just the way she works.
Touch that ivory girl and give yourself to the masses
Just leave me a little piece of the action
So I can feel I can feel like a woman.

Wendy (
© 1999 Copyright reserved

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