More Limericks

From: jozhi

there is a group named
to which i shall now say hi
and show my rare face
'fore i'm gone with no trace
but i will be back, by and by!

From: Hal

There was a soc.biter called Hal
Who this month was frightfully dull.
Forgot his phone bill
The phone went dead still
But now he's back in here to mull.

From: Adam C. Wick

There once a man named Craig,
To whom marriage did e'ryone beg
Nude pics did we seek,
just for a peek
But saw not even a nude pic of leg

(Craig, your name rhymes with NOTHING =))

There once was a gal named Julie,
Who everyone knew indeed was a cutey
The c*b*l did she seek
and in her mind we did peek
For now she's a stark raving looney

(and finally ...)

There once was a cabal,
Which didn't even exist at all
Its non-members not even here,
Although we wish them not to appear
For they won't not like no one at all

*bow* *duck* *run*

From: Ravy

I did not understand much of those "Limeric's" and, ehh,,, are there any "real rhyme" in these?
Check out mine (Net very good):

A person tried to insult me today,
he said "Bisexual" but as if he meant "Hey!"
I suddenly realized as he walked away,
that i should have stopped
and said: "Oh really? You too? I thought you were gay."

I dont think I really can call it a limeric....

From: Robin Lee Powell

Nope, sorry. There's a specific meter invovled. How about:

I was yelled a nice name today
"Bisexual" sounded like "hey!"
I should have just stopped
and returned to the fop
"Oh really? I thought you were gay!"

From: Julie the MS

There was once a soc.biter named Robin
Who a part of the c*b*l claims he has never been
Yet c*b*l tokens he will give
To those who for them live
With nutella, he invites them right in!

From: serene rebel

There's Sue, Brother Adam and Andi,
There's Craig and there's Kay, and that's handi.
Jeliza, serene,
now jozhi's been seen.
It's fluffy and fun, and that's dandi.

Not all the soc.biters are writing,
But net.crushes sure are igniting.
There's wymyn and fellas
all fans of Nutella's,
so long live the world of soc.biting.

From: Jim Jones

Those his poetry skills are retarded
Jimmy up north he got started
On some words for Serene
None of which were obscene
But flirty for sure, you've been carded*

*In reference to the flirt cards that are spoken of here so often.
I think they're a great idea, too! :-)
Does it ruin the limerick if I have to explain myself? hehehe

From: serene rebel

And lest we soc.biters forget
The folks of the Monolith set
they'll challenge assumptions
and they've got the gumptions
to give just as well as they get.

Oh, please drag your mind from the guttah
There's Jeffrey, who's quite smooth as buttah
and don't forget Julie
who really and truly
should have been on this list, not the uttah.

And Beth is another fine name
of "Royal We" Monolith fame
(and Ellen, whose quote
I'm reminded to note
I've been wond'ring about since I came.)

From: David Weinshenker

There was a soc.biter named Dave
Who was wondering how to behave:
"In matters erogenous
I'm so truly androgynous
That I can't quite decide where to shave."

From: Wendy

A little self indulgence, I felt rather sexy today in my tank top and bell bottoms today.

There once was a girl named Wendy
Who's figure was curvy and bendy
She hit puberty at nine
At 16 she's mighty fine
She made tights clothes rather trendy

From: Julie

And we mustn't forget our dear Jed
Who from will never be led
And Margaret the lurker
Despite that we still love her
And Hal, who's got omphalint in his head.

From: Bill

A novice young pimp named Crass
Once procured four hundred en masse
I might inform the bored
That he won an award
For rookie nookie bookie, first class.

From: Brother Elf

There was a young fellow with charm
who wouldn't do nobody harm
he thought sex was sick
so he cut off his dick
much to his girlfriend's alarm.

From: Peter Flynn

There was a young woman from Bude
Who went for a swim in the lake.
A man in a punt
Put a pole in her ear
And said, "You can't swim here, it's private".

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