I'll know (when my love comes along)

    I do not vacillate
    Nor hesitate
    I am not either/or
    but and
    In my dreams
    I know my love
    So softly spoken
    Sweetly sung
    With soft brown hair
    And gentle hands
    With lullabies
    To soothe my fear
    Child and lover
    He and I

    Yes in my heart
    I'll know my love
    When raven locks frame
    Almond eyes
    Scent of jasmine
    And purple skies
    Wild honey sweet
    That taste divine
    Passion flowers
    She and I

    When midnight comes
    I know my love
    For tempest tossed
    And fever drawn
    He's swept away
    Into my arms
    Cut adrift
    In dark and storms
    Mermaid and mariner
    Lost at sea

    Until at dawn
    You wake my love
    Flamebright hair
    Tawny skin
    All else burnt away
    Together again
    With tooth and claw
    With blood and through pain
    And we
    Are neither he nor she
    But us
    And all
    And love
    Will we be (Thoughtfox)
© 1996 Copyright reserved

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