I Think of You

I think of you.
Sitting there, staring out over the cold waters
of the Sound, I think of you.

I think of how you held me.
I remember holding you.

I see your eyes, both filled with tears and laughter.
I remember that I was cause of both.

I think of you.

I think of you and I smile -- then I cry.
The joy and the ache come from the same
deep place within me.

I think of us together -- and apart.
You are not here and I want you to be.
You are not here and for that I am happy.

As the clouds pass over the Sound on their way
towards the sunset, I feel a longing of wanting
to be with you and a relief that you aren't here.

You have been many and I will always love you.

To my last breath, my last act, I will love you all.

The clouds are gone now and night creeps slowly towards
the west, taking my memories, my laughter, my tears,
along the chasing of the sun.

Take my memories of you, all of you, away from
this place of solitude and lighten my heart.

I think of you.

Donn Pedro (
© 1995 Copyright reserved

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