"I love you"
he moans
as he stings me.

Poison gushes up inside of me,
	filling every cavity and fault
	soaking deep into my walls, creating new ones.

He rolls over and off me
as every part of him withdraws
I ache
	I begin to ache...

I'm beginning to ache for a woman's touch.
Soft, puffy clouds of breast much
like my own.  And petals,
dew falling from the core
with soft dainty hands, 
though slow, never bore.

I am tired of the bees 
that open me at dawn 
with their sting, 
with their pulsing 
and their poking
and then gone!

And buzzing in my ear-
Let me sleep! 
Let me dream 
of nights in soft thighs
petals closing in on me.

Let me get drunk on this pollen
and giggle through the eve
this would satisfy my passion 
or 'least, that's what I believe...

I turn to him now, 
find him snoring in the glow of the clock
I wonder if I could wake him, 
"Sting me" (Mychele)
© 1995 Copyright reserved

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