You entered my life as no more than a name and a number,
Your face a reminder of things I had lost long ago;
In a few weeks or days you had changed me and left me for ever
The start of a story whose ending I may never know.

I loved you and love brought affection and pity and sorrow;
I wanted to hold you and shield you from life and from pain.
I tried and I failed; I was not what you needed or wanted;
Too alike and too different we parted as `just friends' again.

And now I must wait and observe and am powerless to hinder
As you stumble and fall and must pick your life up and move on.
I can give you no comfort nor speak of the love that I bear you;
Our paths lie apart and my chance to have helped you is gone.

I like to imagine you later, when, freed from the shadows
Of fear and of failure and longing for love by the years,
You stand in the sunlight at peace with yourself and contented
And that smile that I've loved so well no longer punished by tears.

Will it work? Will I see you that way, or will time come between us?
Will we drift and be lost in the crowds as the memory dies?
I shall always remember your soft words to me and your laughter
And your face and your lips and your hands and the light in your eyes. (Anonymous)
© 1996 Copyright reserved

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