The 12 Traditions of

From: David Regis

  1. Thou shalt read and honour the FAQ, which is the Word of JON (and others).
  2. Thou shalt read for a month or two before posting.
    [No, I didn't either, (does anyone?) but I think I did read the FAQ.]
  3. On thy first post, thou shalt hold still for thy demuffining, even if it tickles. (On thy first post, thou may ask: "What is a muffin?" for it will very likely be revealed unto thee).
  4. Thou shalt not crosspost, for that shall incur the wrath of Albert.
  5. No, really never, not even to soc.motss. I know they're great people, some of them are even some of us, and what you have to say is just as relevant to soc.motss as it is to, but don't. Trust me, I'm a doctor. And whoever the fudge is cross-posting that sad-act gun thread can just stop.
  6. Covet not thy neighbour's cool .sig, but coveting their ass is OK.
  7. Forgive newbies their cluelessness, so that thine own cluelessness may be forgiven.
  8. Flame not, for two wrongs do not a right make.
  9. There is no such word as m*n*sexual, and thou shalt refrain from its use lest brothers and sisters are sore offended, and a Hundred Years FlameWar descend upon thy curly head. Thou hast been warned.
  10. Fluff is the staff of netlife.
  11. Oh, and nutella.
  12. And remember: there is no cabal.
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