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A20. What other resources are available on bisexuality?

There is a sad lack of resources for the bisexual community, both in real life and on the web. That said, there is at least an increasing number of web sites focusing on bisexuality. These include the following, which I have tried to arrange in likely order of interest. These are just some which have been mentioned on - see below for much more comprehensive hotlists.

Resources for bisexuals

Resource sites specifically about bisexuality.

The Boston (USA) based Bisexual Resource Centre
Holds all kinds of information including
  • The Bisexual Resource Guide
  • Lists of e-mail lists which may be relevant to bisexuals
  • Lists of bisexual magazines/publications
  • A selection of books on the subject
The home page
Contains resources for the newsgroup, including this FAQ, autobiographies of posters, recipes, poems and other articles.
And of course
The newsgroup itself.

Bi Community resources

Web pages relating to primarily non-internet based projects.

Bi Community News
is the national newsletter for the UK bi community.
A general bisexuality e-mailing list - US-centric, high volume.
An e-mailing list for bi women
An e-mailing list for bisexuals in Europe. has details of lots more e-mail lists.
Shy Bi Girls
Website with forums for bi and bi-curous women to chat
is the website of the Yahoo Group of that name
Naomi Tucker was the editor of Bisexual Politics: Theories, Queries and Visions
which lays claim to being the first comprehensive book about bisexual history, theory and politics.
Fritz Klein's American Institute of Bisexuality
has resources, personals, chat rooms etc.
The Off Pink Publishing Collective
publishes books within the bi community.
Married Bi Mom
is a site for, well, married bi moms.

Bi Groups/Regional Resources

Many bi groups have their own pages containing information about their specific group.

is the website of the London Bi Women's Group
is an activist/political group based in the New York area
is the (french language) website of Bi Unité Montréal.
Australia's Bi Community Online
has a website to promote and investigate Bi art, culture and community in the Australian context.
BiNet Houston is the BiNet group in Houston, Texas
BiNet Dallas is the BiNet affiliate group in Dallas, Texas
BiNet BC is the bi group of British Colombia
BiNet Arizona
BiNet Seattle
Boston Gay and Bisexual Married Men's Support Group
Best Of Both Worlds is a not-for-profit organisation in Toronto, Canada that runs social events for bi women. Listings and forums are free but all events are charged for.


These individuals have personal pages with bi-related material (or just links).

Robyn Ochs
is a well-known bisexual speaker and writer.
Michael Page's campaign to raise bi awareness by promoting a bi flag. Includes free graphics that you can use on your own website.

Related Resources

Broader-aimed sites with some bisexual relevance.

The Queer Resource Directory (QRD).
An ``electronic library with news clippings, political contact information, newsletters, essays, images, and every other kind of information resource of interest to the Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Others community''.
Bi The Way...
Information and resources for bisexuals, as well as the LesBiGayTrans communities. Includes message boards, chat, personals and pride graphics.
USA-oriented news, reviews, opinions, and resources.
Bisexual and Lesbian resources
Lots of links.
bi all means
A directory of links on bi/poly/women's issues/queer issues.
The Caffmos
An international site focussed toward older gay men.

Know of any more?

Please send suggestions for any additions to this list (or notifications of changes) by e-mail to However I will not list commercial sites.

For a much more comprehensive bi hotlist I reccommend

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